Why Endurance Athletes Need To Strength Train

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On Episode #19 of the Greenletes Podcast, hear from Emily Hutchins about the importance of strength training for endurance athletes looking to improve their performance.

In this episode, Natalie chats with Emily Hutchins, who is Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist & Corrective Exercise Specialist, Nike Master Trainer, Nike Run Coach and owner of On Your Mark Studios in Chicago.

In this episode

Natalie and Emily discuss:

  • Emily’s career journey and how she ended up opening On Your Mark Studios
  • The importance of both strength and mobility training for performance 
  • How often should you incorporate strength training into your routine when you’re training for a marathon
  • Good resources for those who can’t afford to work with a personal trainer but who would like to learn more about strength training to avoid injury
  • Counseling athletes to recover and whether to focus on complete rest or recovery exercises
  • How Emily responds when clients ask her about nutrition 


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