Sponsorship Policy:

As owner Nutrition a la Natalie, Nutrition Natalie LLC. is compensated for the organization and management of any recipes and sponsored blog posts. Any sponsored social media postings will use the hashtag #sponsored, #client, #paid or #ad.

Brand/Group Affiliations and Relationships:

Nutrition Natalie LLC does accept payment for freelance projects and ongoing consulting work from a variety of clients, including but not limited to food companies and food commodity organizations. All attempts are made when mentioning a client through a social media channel to utilize the hashtags #ad, #client, #contest, #sponsored #sponsoredtravel or #sponsoredevent as applicable.

In 2020, Nutrition Natalie LLC. has a material relationship  (i.e., employment, contract, freelance work, honorarium or advertisement/sponsorship revenue) with the following clients/companies:​

  • American Dairy Association Northeast
  • Built with Chocolate Milk
  • KIND
  • Quorn
  • Life Extension

None of the information on this site, or the services performed by Nutrition Natalie LLC., should be considered a medical diagnosis or treatment.