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In Episode #15 of the Greenletes Podcast, learn all about the mental and psychological side of sports and learn how to prevent burnout.

This week, Natalie chats with Taylor Thomas, the founder and head coach of Thomas Endurance Coaching (TEC). He’s also the host of the popular podcast Endurance Minded, a writer, speaker, coach, and head of business development at TEC.

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His passion is ensuring that athletes have the tools, knowledge, and relationships they need to pursue their goals.

In this episode

Natalie and Taylor discuss:

  • Why the mental and psychological side of endurance sports is so important
  • Why some athletes are motivated to push themselves to the brink
  • How Taylor works with athletes to avoid and treat burnout  
  • How athletes can manage the mental side of injuries and having to take long periods of time off
  • Tips for translating the mental fortitude learned through endurance sports into  everyday life


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