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Last updated on July 1st, 2021 at 04:38 am

These 14 protein packed tempeh recipes were created by Registered Dietitians to satisfy your tastebuds and hunger. Not only are they filling and delicious, they are good for you and easy to make!

TEMPEH – heard of it, but not really sure what it is? I’m excited to introduce you to this plant-based protein. It’s so versatile and easy to cook with, and I think you’re going to love it!

What is tempeh?

Tempeh is a fermented soy product that is packed with plant-based protein. The fermentation means that tempeh has prebiotics (the food that feeds the good probiotics) and good-for-your gut probiotics.

I really enjoy tempeh because of the texture. The soybeans are pressed into a block and combined with grains, like barley, millet or rice. Overall, the flavor is a bit nutty and the texture has a nice bite. 

Tempeh is a simple vegan protein that is easy to cook. These 14 recipes are some of BEST healthy tempeh recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner! #tempeh #simplerecipes #vegantempeh #vegetarianrecipes #tempehrecipes

What is the nutrition profile of tempeh?

A 3-ounce serving of tempeh has 16 grams of protein, which is just slightly less than chicken. It’s also a good source of iron– another nutrient that plant-based eaters need to be aware of. 

If you’re new to tempeh or just bored of the same old plant-based meals, I’ve compiled some amazing recipes that feature tempeh in a yummy way. 

1. Barbecue Tempeh Rice Bowl by Greenletes

Want that smoky BBQ flavor without the meat? This Barbeque Tempeh Rice Bowl combines brown rice, roasted veggies and BBQ sauce covered tempeh to satisfy those cravings. It’s savory, sweet and nutritious.

2. Vegan Tempeh Burger by Greenletes

This vegan Tempeh Burger has a hearty texture, great flavor and plenty of protein. Plus, you can whip them up quickly with just a food processor and a skillet.

3. Thai Tempeh Stuffed Sweet Potatoes by Rachael Hartley Nutrition 

Want the flavors of Thai food without ordering unhealthy and expernsive takeout? These Thai tempeh stuffed sweet potatoes combine delicious flavors like soy sauce, green onions, tempeh, cilantro and peanuts to create a simple and satisfying meal. 


4. Spaghetti with Tempeh Sausage Marinara and Artichokes by Rachael Hartley Nutrition 

Try this new twist on meatless bolognese sauce! Tempeh’s crumbly texture and earthy flavor perfectly replicates ground meat to create a protein-packed pasta night.

5. Tempeh Pumpkin Hash by Kara Lydon Nutrition 

Tempeh, pumpkin and Brussels sprouts come together in this simple hash that is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! 

6. Sesame Tempeh Vegan Buddha Bowl by Sharon Palmer 

This bowl is filled to the brim with brown rice, crunchy radishes, baby kale, asparagus, mushrooms and peppers. Plus, it’s topped with a tahini ginger dressing for bold flavor that you wouldn’t expect. Enough said!

7. Forbidden Rice, Tempeh and Vegetable Power Bowl by Craving Something Healthy 

I love when a bowl has all the foods I need to keep me full and satisfied. This rice bowl combines whole grains, plant-based protein and fiber rich veggies to make a winning recipe. 

8. Vegan Tempeh Taco Bowl by Sinful Nutrition 

Who doesn’t love a good taco bowl? This Mexican inspired dish is packed with quinoa, seasoned tempeh, corn, peppers, avocado and lime. I would slather it with some salsa or Sriracha, but that’s just me! 

9. Easy Tempeh Burrito Bowls by Grateful Grazer

If you can’t get enough of burrito bowls (I sure can’t), then you’ve got to try this one with roasted cherry tomatoes and tons of spices. The picture alone will make your mouth water. 

10. Jerk Tempeh Salad with Mango Salsa by Grateful Grazer

There’s nothing better than a refreshing mango salsa on a hot summer day. This Jerk Tempeh Salad is a go-to dish in any season, but I especially like the jerk flavor for a summer BBQ. 

11. Chili-Rubbed Tempeh Air-Fryer Tacos by This Unmillenial Life 

Air-fryers are THE THING right now! Since it uses much less oil, air frying is healthier than traditional frying and it creates a crispy texture to basically anything, including tempeh. If you’ve got an air fryer, give these spicy tacos a try.

12. Smoky Tempeh Stuffed Acorn Squash by Sinful Nutrition 

Man, I love a good stuffed squash. Especially one that is stuffed with protein! This combo of fiber, protein and healthy carbs will keep you full for hours. 

13. Vegan Tempeh Hash by Cozy Peach Kitchen 

This one-skillet vegan tempeh hash is the perfect dish for brunch or meal prepping. Yup, you can make it ahead of time and just microwave in the morning. It’s filling, healthy, and easy to make!

14. Buffalo Tempeh Sandwich by Eat Real Live Well 

Since tempeh has a heart texture, it’s a wonderful protein to use in a meatless sandwich. And the addition of buffalo sauce and vegan cheese makes this a crowd-pleasing lunch!

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