Overcoming An Eating Disorder As A Runner

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On Episode #15 of the Greenletes Podcast, hear from Starla Garcia on how she overcame an eating disorder as a collegiate runner and became a Registered Dietitian.

Starla Garcia is a Registered Dietitian and owner of The Healthy Shine, LLC, 2020 Olympic Trials Qualifier, and body and cultural diversity advocate. Her journey to wellness came after battling an eating disorder as a Latina student-athlete during her collegiate years.

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That experience was the catalyst that set her on the path of intuitive eating and developing a healthy relationship with cultural foods and exercise. Now her story is what fuels her mission to dismantle the restrictive mindset and rules that runners create around diets, exercise, and body image to help them align their nutrition with their performance goals.  

In this episode

Natalie and Starla discuss:

  • Starla’s history with an eating disorder while being a collegiate runner and how she overcame it to become a Registered Dietitian
  • The biggest nutrition related mistakes runners make
  • How to navigate diet culture among runners
  • Managing GI issues among runners
  • How runners can tell if they are underfueling
  • How white runners can be allies for BIPOC runners
  • What Starla wishes she could go back and tell her younger runner self 


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