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I have a new obsession this summer–fruit and herb infused water. This love of amped up water began during my first TV segment about hydration.

To be honest, I’ve had infused water before but I don’t make it regularly at home. I’m totally happy with my plain old boring water, but so many people tell me that they don’t drink enough because water doesn’t appeal to them. For those people, I highly recommend fruit and herb infused water.

Strawberry, Cucumber Mint infused water

I recommend this even more strongly for runners. I’m a regular contributor to WomensRunning.com, so I created a combination of the two fruit infused waters I made for TV for their site. Not only is this end result beautiful, but it also tastes super refreshing. And the best part is that this water tastes like fruit without any added sugar.

Click here to grab the recipe and read about the benefits of adding fruit and mint to your water! 


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