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Here’s a little secret about me. I chat about the benefits of sports drink often (Re: What Athletes Need To Know About Electrolytes & 5 Hydration Mistakes You May Be Making), but I really don’t like them. When I first started running, I knew sports drinks were beneficial for longer distances, so I attempted to incorporate them into my nutrition plan. But, they gave me a stomach ache and were much too sweet for my taste. I even tried the lower-calorie and lower-sugar varieties, but I just didn’t enjoy them. Eventually, I forced myself to use a mixture of sports drinks, gummies and water during races.

But recently, I started thinking about the components of a sports drink and a light bulb went off! “These might be really easy to make at home!” And alas, they are! I created this video to show you how, including 3 different flavor variations. Each recipe has 4 ingredients or less, and you will find the recipes in the video description and also on this handy infographic (scroll down to see it). Pin it for later, and let me know if you try this for yourself!

3 Homemade Sports Drink Recipes- orange, lemon and strawberry. Super simple recipe that's great for athletes. No more than 4 ingredients! #sportsdrink #athletes #hydration #natural


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