These 25 no added sugar snack ideas are great for runners, athletes or anyone looking to cut back on added sugar..

Get the facts on natural vs added sugar. 

Any fruit is a great addition to the diet. The humble banana is the best of both worlds - easy to digest natural sugar & a tasty and portable snack.

Packed with nutrients like protein and omega-3's, nuts are a healthy and filling non-perishable snack. Just try to keep the portion to a small handful.

2. Nuts

3. Oatmeal

Whip up the recipe for Loaded Oatmeal with Sunbutter to get an extra dose of protein, vitamins & minerals, such as vitamin E and iron.

Did you know that popcorn is a whole grain? Buy plain kernels, make it on the stovetop and add your favorite toppings, such as sea salt or cinnamon and unsweetened cocoa powder.

4. Popcorn

5. Plain Greek Yogurt

Unsweetened Greek yogurt is easily sweetened up with some fresh fruit or unsweetened dried fruit. As a bonus, Greek yogurt is higher in protein than regular yogurt.