Work with a Registered Dietitian and maximize your performance with plants. 

It’s time to use plant-based sports nutrition techniques to take your performance to the next level. 

I ran my first ever race while following a plant-based diet. Although I crossed the finish line, there were some struggles along the way. For instance, I was always hungry and wasn’t sure if I was eating enough protein or calories throughout my training. 

When I began studying sports nutrition, I realized that plant-based fueling doesn’t need to be difficult. But it does require some knowledge and know-how to do it right. 

For instance, plant-based proteins keep you full and energized and help the muscles recover, but they are also full of fiber, which may cause tummy troubles during activity. Figuring out the right balance of foods on a plant-based training diet can be difficult. But once you do, you’ll never look back! 

Maybe this resonates with you…

You’re training for an event and need more guidance on fueling

You recently went plant-based and don’t know if you’re making the best choices 

You’re worried about the expense of plant-based eating. You think you can’t afford to only buy plant-based products. 

You feel hungry or constantly fatigued on a plant-based diet, but you want to try to make it work! 

You aren’t sure if you’re eating the right amount of food or how to build a well-balanced training meal plan 

If you’re feeling any of these things, you’re in the right place.

You can transition to a plant-based diet as an everyday athlete and still perform at your best without making massive lifestyle changes that are overwhelming and unsustainable.

I’m here to help! 


Greenletes Group Coaching

Work with a plant-based Sports Dietitian for a fraction of the cost of individual coaching. And learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about fueling in just 5-weeks.

How it works…

Step 1

You sign up and fill out a questionnaire, detailing your specific nutrition questions. Natalie takes those questions into account to create weekly topics for discussion. 

Step 3

Anything that isn’t addressed will be covered in the Facebook group. There will be a weekly call for questions and wins, and we will all work together to build a plant-based athlete community. 

Step 2

Each week, the group engages in a 1-hour call to discuss certain topics more in depth and answer individualized questions! 


You’ll also receive plenty of bonus material, like access to the self-study Plant Based Athlete Roadmap Course, a nutrition for runners ebook and weekly emails from a Registered Dietitian. 

Extra Bonus Material!

Upon signing up, you’ll receive access to the Plant-Based Athlete Roadmap and two FREE ebooks: The No-Brainer Nutrition Guide For Runners20 Plant-Based Recipes.


How do I sign up?

Click here and sign up by Monday August 2nd or before the group fills up. You’ll receive an email with more details!


When do the group sessions begin?

Wednesday, August 4th. Each session will be about 1 hour, and it will be held at night. You’ll be asked your preferred time upon sign up. 


What if I can’t make that time? 

Each session will be recorded and sent out to the group. You can also ask your questions in the Facebook group, and a Registered Dietitian will answer them!


Will I lose weight by following a plant-based diet?

It’s possible, but the goal of this program is not weight loss. If you replace a highly processed diet with these whole food plant-based recipes, there is a possibility that you may lose weight. That said, this program is meant to help you maximize your athletic potential, not lose weight.

How large is the group?

This is a small group setting, so everyone will have a chance to interact. Sign up now before the group is full!


What if I’m not plant-based?

It’s fine if you’re not plant-based right now. Sign up if you want to try a plant-based diet! 


Will a plant-based diet help with performance? 

I think a plant-based diet coupled with sports nutrition practices can absolutely help take your performance to the next level!


I don’t see my question!

Sorry about that! Email me at natalie@greenletes.com and ask away!