Learn how to incorporate more plants into your training diet or go fully plant-based in just 4 weeks.

I’ve run two marathons and more than a dozen half marathons on a plant-based diet without ever getting injured.

I never really enjoyed eating meat. When I was in grad school studying nutrition, I decided to transition to a vegetarian diet for health, environmental and ethical reasons. After making the change, I was bombarded with critiques, like “Well, you won’t be able to get enough protein”, or “You’re going to be hungry all the time”, or “What exactly are you going to eat?”.

But more than 10 years later, I’m still a plant-based eater and I feel better than ever.

As a matter of fact, while being plant-based I also became a marathon runner. I decided to start running at the age of 29. Right before my 30th birthday, I wanted a new physical challenge. I put my name in the lottery for the NYC Half Marathon and was chosen to run the race. 

That was the easy part! The hard part was actually beginning to run and training for a half marathon. I was already a vegetarian, so the thought never crossed my mind that I couldn’t train for an intense race on a plant-based diet.

As a matter of fact, my plant-based lifestyle made me feel fitter and healthier than before. 

At first, I did have a few struggles. I was ravenous while marathon training, and I couldn’t quite figure out why. But with some tweaks to my diet, I discovered the right way to eat for my sport so that I felt full and nourished for all my training. 

Fast forward 7 years and I’ve run 2 marathons and more than 15 half-marathons on a plant-based diet. I’ve never suffered an injury due to running, and I feel better than ever. 

I’ve learned how to manage my plant-based diet so that I fuel and recover properly from exercise, and I never feel like I’m missing out on nutrients. And most importantly, I feel energized and satisfied eating plants. 

But this isn’t all the say that I made the change lightly. Over 10 years ago, I was where you are right now. 


Maybe some of these feelings resonate with you…

Nervous about eating the “right” things: You aren’t really sure what you’ll eat on a plant-based diet. You think, “How do I figure out what to put on my plate or how much protein will I get at meals?” Or maybe you think eating only plants sounds dull and unappetizing. Surely you’ll fall off the wagon after a few weeks and go back to eating the foods that don’t make you feel good.

Stressed that you might be low on energy: You think the plant-based foods don’t have enough calories to sustain you, so you’ll be tired all the time. How can you ever have enough energy for your sport? It seems like a losing game, so why bother ever trying?

Worried about the expense of plant-based eating: You think you can’t afford to only buy plant-based products. After all, that means you might have to shop in expensive grocery stores. You worry that you’ll have to buy all organic food and it’s going to cost too much.

Concerned about what friends and family may think: You cook for your meat eating family or you love to go out to restaurants with friends. What the heck are you going to make or order if you’re not eating meat? You know options will be extremely limited, and it might be too hard to navigate eating plant-based when everyone around you is eating meat.

Overwhelmed with all the info out there: You search for nutrition advice and find conflicting information. There is so much information on the internet, and it’s difficult to decipher fact from fiction. Some people say plant-based eating is the way to go, while others say it’s “bad” for you. It’s confusing!

If you’re feeling any of these things, you’re in the right place.

You can transition to a plant-based diet as an everyday athlete and still perform at your best without making massive lifestyle changes that are overwhelming and unsustainable.

Make lasting changes to your eating plan that stick with you throughout a lifetime. No restrictive diets or macro counting, just eating wholesome plant-based foods.


The 4-Week Plant-Based Athlete Roadmap

Learn how to incorporate more plants into your training diet or go fully plant-based in just 4 weeks.

What’s inside:

This 4-week easy to follow course is full of useful information on the nutrition of plant-based diets. It’s designed to be followed over the course of 4 weeks, but you’ll be able to follow along at your own pace.

And as a bonus, you’ll get a FREE ebook with 20 Plant-Based Recipes.

Here’s a look at the modules:

Module 1: Stocking a Plant-Based Kitchen & Nutrients To Consider

This lesson teaches you what exactly is a plant-based diet, how to stock a plant-based kitchen and what to eat so that you’re full and satisfied. At the end of Week 1, you’ll try out two new-to-you plant-based proteins.

Module 3: 10 Plant-Based Staples In 10-minutes or less

You’ll learn all about plant-based ingredients that you can swap into your traditional animal-based recipes. Plus, you’ll get 10 easy “no recipe” plant-based recipe ideas that you can make in 10-minutes or less. At the end of Week 3, you’ll be preparing plant-based meals with ease and enjoying how tasty and filling they are.

Module 2: How To Build A Balanced Plant-Based Plate

In Week 2, you’ll learn how to balance protein, carbs and fat at mealtime and you’ll see easy balanced plant-based plate examples. By the end of this week, you’ll be able to incorporate one plant-based meal into every day of the week.

Module 4: Nutrition Considerations for Plant-Based Athletes & Making Your New Lifestyle Stick

The last week focuses on you as an athlete. You’ll understand whether or not you need more calories and protein on a plant-based diet, plus how to get plant-based iron, Vitamin B12 and calcium. Lastly, you’ll get an ebook with  20 plant-based recipes, so you can continue your new lifestyle beyond these 4-weeks.


How do I sign up?

Go to this link and fill out your info!


How long will I have access to the course?



Who is this program for?

Anyone who wants to eat more plants and considers themselves an athlete! If you care about fitness and your health, this program will work for you! 


Will I lose weight by following a plant-based diet?

It’s possible, but the goal of this program is not weight loss. If you replace a highly processed diet with these whole food plant-based recipes, there is a possibility that you may lose weight. That said, this program is meant to help you maximize your athletic potential, not lose weight.

Do I need to be able to cook?

It helps, but I provided plenty of options that can be thrown together quickly without a recipe.


Do I have to buy expensive and hard to find ingredients?

No! I never use anything that you can’t find at your local supermarket or Trader Joe’s. 


Is plant-based eating going to be expensive? 

Absolutely not! Trust me, plant-based staples are really affordable and easier to find than you think. 


I don’t see my question!

Sorry about that! Email me at natalie@greenletes.com and ask away!